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Confidently Creative Adults with She-Rex

Sarah Varughese

Hello Humans! You have found "Confidently Creative Adults with She-Rex". I am your host, Sarah Varughese, and the tiny dinosaur is my sidekick, also known as Martha the T-Rex. In my day job, I work as a Visibility Coach - helping creative people learn how to be more authentic in their marketing. I teach them how to show up with purpose, craft amazing messages that speak to their audiences and attract clients that make their hearts sing!! On my off-time, I hang out with other amazing creative people, who I interview for this podcast; I write books: take photographs: and take play very seriously... and the best part... I'm sharing it ALL with you!! I'm going to show you exactly what it looks like to live like a confidently creative adult! *****The music was found on Pixabay - by the very talented lemonmusicstudio; you can find his song, "You Can Do More!" at: